Tommie and Boudiccea
Love Beyond Death

Boudiccea is a Black Fury Ahroun werewolf.  She was born lupine (as a wolf) and lived that way for a number of years before having her first change.  She's Sappho's elder sister by mere moments.  She met Tommie Gunn in Chicago, bred a litter with him (three boys who are in their late teens, and a girl who died at birth), and stayed with him at the price of ostracism by her pack, tribe, and people.  She's been through a lot, but her good looks belie a tough-as-nails willpower.

 Boudiccea was the first character I ever made for the white wolf system, and she's a great deal of fun to play.  I've played her from a cub through her adult life.  She can drive, but barely, she's got a 2 in handguns, is extremely sensitive to silver, and has prey exclusion – children. I've played her in Live-Action as well as tabletop, and she is definably one of my favorite NPC’s.  I've killed her and brought her back from the dead, she's been blown up, menaced by every kind of bane, formori and wraith known to man, and in the process managed to kick a drinking problem that still has her sister by the throat.

Tommie Gunn - Tommie is a Toreador Vampire. He was named by his father as an insult to his mother's father, who was a moonshine runner during prohibition. His father soon tired of responsibility, and split. Tommie's mother was a drunk who soon after also tired of responsibility. Tommie was raised in the hills of Kentucky by his ‘Grandpa’.  Tommie was a thin, non-athletic child, but developed a passion for firearms. When he was 18 he enlisted to go to Viet Nam. He was trained to be a Sniper. When he returned, he started working for the same Mafia Bosses in Chicago that his Grandpa had, in a different capacity. His precision attracted the attention of Annabelle Triabell. She wanted a Mafia Boss in New York killed, she hired and Embraced Tommie for the job. Tommie decided to stay in New York. During a visit to his Sire in Chicago, Tommie got caught up in a conflict against Setites and the Wyrm. During an assault, he met and fell in love with Boudiccea.

Tommie Gunn was created as part of a strike team, as the long-range killer. Along with a Gangrel close in fighter, and an Assamite, they had stomped through many adventures. He is now the ‘enforcer’ of New York. He has earned respect from the Werewolves, and has aided them many times. Because of him, New York is one of very few Cities in which Vampires and Werewolves co-operate instead of fight. Tommie still has an addiction to alcohol, as drunks are his favorite prey. He also harbors a hatred of Jocks from his School days. Along the way he has learned the Tremere discipline of Thaumaturgy, as well as a few Paths.

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